Helpful Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Tips Before You Buy

Is your older kitchen starting to bore or depress you? Maybe the silverware drawer just broke down again? Is your expanding family creating a need for an additional bathroom? Or maybe you are just tired of the dated look and want to bring your home up to date. Read some of the helpful remodeling tips on how choosing the right company for the job can make a dramatic difference in the final result and the years of enjoyment you receive from your investment.
Many people will go through their whole lives and never design a kitchen because a quality kitchen lasts so long, and can be expensive and a challenge to replace without the right help. An experienced kitchen designer and installer can make inexpensive cabinets look great and be efficient to work in. But a poor plan installed without the care required can make the most expensive cabinets look cheap and hard to work in.  
We would like to help introduce you to the process of designing a kitchen, bath, home office, craft room, or any other cabinet need to meet your dreams and your budget. Whether it is for a new home you plan to build, if you are remodeling an existing kitchen, adding an office space, bath, or laundry room, you will want to work with an experienced kitchen designer as there are a vast array of choices and quality in all aspects of this kind of project.  
Kitchen designers specialize in finding what your needs and desires are, and creating the most efficient and beautiful kitchen that meets those needs while staying within a budget. Kitchen designers are not distracted with other building materials as in the large home improvement centers and can stay focused on your desires in the design.

Buying a new kitchen is not like picking up a new refrigerator, range, or microwave. When done properly, they add serious value to the home, they can last a long time, and will rarely need replacing. Working with the right local business can make all the difference at the time of sale and for the years after. 

Don’t remove anything until the replacements are on the way and you know about when they will arrive.
With all the possible choices of woods, styles, and colors, it can take weeks or months to get the kitchen you really want. We have had people come in to buy a kitchen after removing their old cabinets, and either they had to settle for a stocked cabinet instead of what they really wanted, or re-install enough of the old cabinets to get a working sink again. Stock cabinets rarely save much money, they have immediate availability as their main asset.

Work with a kitchen designer for your best experience.
Traditionally, people used to just go to a building center or lumberyard for their cabinetry needs, when kitchens were simple. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and technology and new design techniques have changed how we can make kitchen a joy to spend time in. You should get the advice of a good kitchen designer so your kitchen can be a fun and efficient room to work in while being aesthetically pleasing and adding to the value of your home. Many times, a good design can save money, increase utility, and be more pleasing to the eye over a design done by a less than competent designer.

Work with a reputable dealer so you get the support after the sale.
A kitchen lasts a long time and is a large investment in your home. You will want to work with someone that will be here years from now if you want to add to your kitchen or get repairs made or replacement parts to keep it working and looking as it should. Kitchenland is a fourth-generation family business that has had an A+ rating with the BBB for decades and been in the same location since 1925 when we started as a lumberyard.
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